Aught Media

Aught Media is a production company for indie music and film projects based in California. I am in charge of design and branding not only for Aught Media, but each of it’s projects and artists. Websites, marketing, branding, packaging, social media, & ecommerce. Aught Media has a broad spectrum of projects, which makes the design possibilities fun and challenging.

Get a closer look at these projects on the Aught Media gallery page, or go straight to their site explore.

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Jeanne Willette

Jeanne Willette is an author and art historian who is pushing the field in new direction by embracing social media and blogging to expand peoples understanding of art.

I’ve designed several sites for her, as well as the covers and layout for her books.

John Brosio

John Brosio is a fantastic painter whose work portrays ominous storms looming on the horizon, and surreal figurescapes. His website is designed to present his work as unobtrusively as a gallery wall and still allow him to present all the info one might need about him, including buying prints.

His site is about to be redesigned to make it responsive for mobile devices.

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Overcoming Going Under

Overcoming Going Under is the story of a young man plunged into depression by the tragic loss of his fiancé struggling to come to terms with the voice in his head that he’s heard his whole life…that now seems to be betraying him.

The promotional posters for this film consist of a series of three one sheets that express the mood of the film and also hint at the confusing nature of the themes explored in it.

The website was a fun concept to develop – making the site out of the desktop of the main character. But mobile considerations have pretty much nixed the use of Flash, so a redesign is in order.

You can take a closer on the gallery page for this project. Also you can dig into the process book that takes you through the journey that brought the one sheets to life.

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