Identity Design

The logo is the corner stone of a brand and all other elements of a campaign flow from that mark. Here are several examples of logos I have designed for various companies.

Sketches and comps are included to show some of the work that goes into developing a logo.

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Brand Identity Gallery

Front End Tech

This website design company wanted a fresh perspective on their brand, so they came to me. After the sketching and logo exploration I came up with a mark that implied structure as well as subtly incorporating code elements.

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Pack Media

Pack Media is a film production & post company based in LA & New York. Many possibilities presented themselves during the logo exploration but the final solution was based on the golden angle, which appears often in nature and is the basis for much good design.

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Aught Media

Aught Media is a production company for indie music and film projects based in California. I am in charge of design and branding not only for Aught Media, but each of it’s projects and artists. Websites, marketing, branding, packaging, social media, & ecommerce. Aught Media has a broad spectrum of projects, which makes the design possibilities fun and challenging.

Get a closer look at these projects on the Aught Media gallery page, or go straight to their site explore.

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Launch Site

Jeanne Willette

Jeanne Willette is an author and art historian who is pushing the field in new direction by embracing social media and blogging to expand peoples understanding of art.

I’ve designed several sites for her, as well as the covers and layout for her books.

Spyder Active Sports

At Spyder our 3 man design team did it all – advertising, promotion, branding, catalog design, garment design, photo shoots – from start to finish. We carried each project from idea to final production.

John Brosio

John Brosio is a fantastic painter whose work portrays ominous storms looming on the horizon, and surreal figurescapes. His website is designed to present his work as unobtrusively as a gallery wall and still allow him to present all the info one might need about him, including buying prints.

His site is about to be redesigned to make it responsive for mobile devices.

Launch Site

Poster Design

Posters are a unique design challenge – to tell a story in a single page. It has to convey the mood or style of a movie or a band and peak the interest of the viewer enough that they want to see more. It’s quite fun to search for the right solution for each new project.

This design also often becomes the corner stone of the entire campaign, carrying through to the website, the social media presence, any related products…basically the entire brand.

The posters shown are:
  • The Neo Project (soul music band, in NY)
  • Mark (web series)
  • Age of Kali (indie film)
  • Disney Concert Hall 1 (program calendar posters)
  • Disney Concert Hall 2 (program calendar posters)

The Dance of Angels

Marketing & Design play a key role in the success of any creative endeavor. The Dance of Angels was an avant guarde theater piece performed in Boulder Colorado. Posters were used as promotion and also as a commemorative piece for sale at the performances. T-shirts were also for sale, and given to the cast as a thank you.

The set design was also developed as part of the branding for the piece. It gave the minimalist performance an edgy setting, and also was planned in such a way that it could be painted quickly and struck even quicker after the run was complete.

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Overcoming Going Under

Overcoming Going Under is the story of a young man plunged into depression by the tragic loss of his fiancé struggling to come to terms with the voice in his head that he’s heard his whole life…that now seems to be betraying him.

The promotional posters for this film consist of a series of three one sheets that express the mood of the film and also hint at the confusing nature of the themes explored in it.

The website was a fun concept to develop – making the site out of the desktop of the main character. But mobile considerations have pretty much nixed the use of Flash, so a redesign is in order.

You can take a closer on the gallery page for this project. Also you can dig into the process book that takes you through the journey that brought the one sheets to life.

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Process Book PDF

Product Photography

A good photograph of your product can make the difference when you’re customers are deciding what to buy. When selling products, especially online, the image has to tell the whole story and leave your customer wanting it.

You can take a closer look at these images and more in the photography gallery.

Product Photos Shown:
  • Beats Headphones
  • Canon Lens
  • 5 Sting Bass (from Craftsmanship Instruments)
  • Wine Barrel Bungs (from Ace Seals)


Photographing people is more difficult than it seems it would be – there is so much to consider. The lighting, the contours of the face, the expression, their personality…and those are just for starters.

Getting a good photo of yourself or your team will go along way to communicating who you are, what you’re about, and building trust with your audience.

Portraits Shown:
  • Clinton Solomon
  • Jeff Luhn
  • Steuart Liebig
  • Eric Patton as January, in “Overcoming Going Under”

Illustration Gallery

For me, all artistic endeavors flow from my first creative spark, which was illustration. The many varied ways I now express creativity have mostly overshadowed illustration now, but whenever I have an idea of something to draw it still requires to be brought to life.

I really enjoy being able to enhance my design ideas with my own illustrations and photography. It allows me to create every part of a piece and not rely on outside elements.

The pieces shown:
  • Pink Elephant (for the film Overcoming Going Under)
  • Cherry Blossom Tree (tattoo commission)
  • Tracy (tattoo commission)
  • Aught Band (branding piece for Aught Media)
  • Forest of Seasons (tattoo commission)