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Welcome to my website. You’re here to see if you want to hire me right? Well, dig around and see if you like what you see. I offer a unique combination of talent, skill & organization. I’m good at a lots of different things, and as for the stuff I can’t do yet – I learn fast. Enjoy!

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    Listening is the most important thing at this stage. I listen and observe then reflect on what I see. We define the problem together and get a clear sense of the objective. Then comes research to uncover the possibilities and identify constraints.


    At this point anything is possible. Brainstorming possible solutions where no idea is wrong. Generating ideas is the goal. Sketches, mockups & lists. There are lots of ways to do things. I look for the best way. That’s the one worth doing.


    When I start a project I like to tell myself “There are no rules. Now here are the rules…” Once a method has been identified it’s time to start making. Time to create. Once it’s done it’s time to go back to the beginning – evaluate, refine & improve. Design is a way of life.

  • Anthony Garcia Graphic Designer

    17 years experience. Graduate from Otis College of Art + Design. Photographer. Filmmaker. Musician. Luthier. Movie buff… and I make a mean grill cheese.

    Harley Inspiration & Confidante

    Harley is a really good listener. I value her opinion. She is an inspiration to everyone she meets.

    Pepper Distraction Manager

    Pepper, on the other hand, is in charge of breaks. He works with Harley to ensure a good work/life balance.

  • When I was a kid I could draw, so I asked myself “what can I do with that?” Design was the path I took. It takes art and adds communication & purpose. Throw in ever changing technologies and you have a recipe for an interesting journey filled with challenges and discoveries. Turns out I was right – it’s been fun.

    I worked for a bunch of years and eventually decided I wanted to finish my degree to expand my skills and possibly teach one day so I went to Otis. It was a great experience to go back to school after working for a decade in the field – I feel I appreciated it more than most, and took every opportunity to learn all I could while I was there.

    Creativity drives me. When I have a good idea it won’t leave me alone until I make it. This has led me to become a filmmaker, a writer, a luthier, a musician, a photographer…I have a lot of projects.

    Somehow at the same time as growing into an artist I managed to develop a great sense of order and balance as well. A lot of artists are an unreliable mess, but I am one of the most organized people you’ll ever meet.
    The creativity is good for the art, and the organization is good for design.

My Expertise.

I can handle every stage of a project from idea to execution, and what I can’t do myself I can collaborate with others to bring the idea to life.


Logo design is probably my specialty. But that’s just the beginning – messaging, consistency, integration, experience – these are all important as well.


Creativity combined with skill in illustration, photography, design, & UX. From concept to completion I get it done.

Project Management

Lead, follow, or get out of the way. I can see the whole picture and put together the plan start to finish, or I can follow your lead and make sure it’s on track.

Content Marketing

Social media and the internet of today have opened up endless possibilities – the creative opportunities are exciting. With all my skills the options are wide open.

my Work.

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Identity Design

Branding / Design

Jeanne Willette

Branding / Marketing / Design / Web / Print

Overcoming Going Under Trailer

Marketing / Editing

Front End Tech

Design / Branding / Marketing

Poster Design

Design / Marketing / Print

Product Photography


Overcoming Going Under

Marketing / Design / Web

Kevin Sandbloom – Blue

Editing / Marketing

Pack Media

Design / Branding / Print

Illustration Gallery


Spyder Active Sports

Print / Design



The Dance of Angels

Design / Marketing

John Brosio

Design / Branding / Web

Aught Media

Design / Marketing / Branding / Web / Print

Not bad, huh?

Resumé & Galleries.

Want to take a closer look? You can view the work larger (and more of it) in the galleries below
Also you can download my resumé & portfolio as well. Enjoy!


You ca download my resumé here. It is a 93kb PDF.

Resumé PDF

You can download a pdf of my portfolio here. It is a 3.4mb PDF.

Portfolio PDF

Want to take a closer look? Check out more design here…and bigger!

Galleries Page
Case Study

Take a deeper dive into one project and see the work that went into it.

Case Study No.1

My Blog.

Work/Life balance – Design, camping, UX, cars, art, concerts, ideas, movies, learning – whatever seems interesting enough to share with you.

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What's The Buzz.

  • “Anthony is awesome to work with. He’s a great designer and illustrator – and pays attention to detail (which can be a rare asset in an artist). He’s also good at staying on schedule, and he’s very knowledgeable technically, and, refreshingly, loves to learn and solve problems.”

    Alissa Effland via Owner @ Eff-Stop Photo & Design
  • “Anthony is a great designer with a fantastic personality. He has a vision for perfection and never lets anything get in the way of it. He never compromises his integrity and is always out to ensure all of his projects are the best they can be.”

    Ryan Ford via Design @ Pivotshare
  • Anthony is a lifesaver. We’ve brought him in late on over-budget projects and he delivers with no hassle, no delay, and always with solid work. He is a multi-talented designer that knows everything from branding through web design, and, perhaps most notable in this business, Anthony is as organized and efficient as he is creative! He follows up with me! 🙂 A rare combination and a total blessing!

    Erin Avakian via Talent Recruitment and Development @ Sequence
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