50 Web Apps for Designers

In this post I just want to direct you to an article I found on WebAppStorm.net It’s a great resource of tools you could use as graphic designer from invoicing tools to time tracking, to project management. I thought it would be useful to you so I’m passing it along.

Dropbox, Mint, Twitter, Skype and Facebook are my favorites of the list, but there are tons of great apps there. Action Method looks really great, but as I mentioned in a previous post I use Things for my GTD system. Most of them are in groups such as “invoicing tools” and I can’t imagine you needing more than one, but this is a great starting place for you to make your choice. So check them out and see what fits your needs best. It’s good to stay plugged in and know what is out there, especially in today’s market. Who knows you might even win a job because you gained trust and established yourself as an expert because you are able to recommend one of these tools to a client or potential employer.

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