Great Article: 10 Firefox Add-ons for Web Designers

I found this article today on a Linkedin group I joined called Communication Arts (posted by Jeff Couturier) about 10 very cool Firefox add-ons for web designers.

I was familiar, and used a few of them, but the new ones I found here will become hugely valued additions to my workflow. I can already say after just a few hours that I can hardly remember how I got along without ColorZilla!

I’m going to post the 10 tools below as a list of links, but you can go to the article and read more about them as well as going to the links and seeing what the developers have to say about them.

1. Firebug + Firecookie + Codeburner
2. Web Developer Toolbar
3. Measure It
4. Colorzilla
5. CSS Viewer
6. Screengrab
7. Gridfox
8. Firefox Accessibility Extension
9. User Agent Switcher
10. PageDiff

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